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Post by RobinMoore »

Having been forced to update to the Toyota MyT app, the functionality is quite different. I have got most things to work but the trip data doesnt update for days at a time.
It knows the live data, car position, lock status , fuel etc but not recent trips. It does know the current milage though. The send to car feature has been dropped, which is a shame.
The feature to download trips as a PDF is also gone. I am annoyed that Toyota make such a play of the connected experience that is really not as advertised.
Am I alone in this or is it a shared opinion?

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Post by RobinMoore »

Am I the only one trying to use this? I am surprised there are no replies.
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Post by PJR77 »

I hardly look at it. I occasionally use it to see what my current mileage is (25k) but that is about all.
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Post by Tomble »

Mine seems to work ok except for one thing. I can’t set a destination then send it to the car. I get a message saying that I have to register (but I think that I already have). If I try to go through the registration procedure, what I see doesnt match the instructions manual. After I work my way through it, I find that nothing has changed.
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Post by archezjaime »

I have a Spanish Yaris Cross and share your frustration with the "new" App. In Spain we were told that we had to migrate to the new version of the app because the old version would be discontinued imminently. I did so, but my historical trip data did not migrate, it simply disappeared. It appears that the new version may be a replacement and not an update. In addition, the car was serviced shortly after the new app was installed in my phone but the app apparently now believes that the car "remains in maintenance and suggests waiting a while before trying again" and that 2-year service has not been recorded in the service history, although data from earlier years is there. I have spoken to the Spanish dealer who admitted that there are problems with the app which Toyota are attempting to resolve whilst Toyota Customer Service suggested deleting and reinstalling - a sure way to lose data.

For anyone contemplating downloading the "new" version I'd suggest that you wait until Toyota have produced something that is stable and fit for purpose.
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Post by Knotty »

I have not managed to get the Send to Car feature to work, but did not realise it had been dropped.
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