Car theft alarm with dogs

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I have an Icon, and I have dogs.
I want to be able to leave the dogs in the locked car, which is often needed (not when hot or sunny, obviously), I need to be sure they won’t activate the alarm when they move about. Other cars we’ve had have either been lockable without setting the alarm at all ie locked manually using key in car door, or there’s been a switch to deactivate the alarm before locking with the key fob.
Garage couldn’t help.

I cannot find such a switch on the Icon, or a feature relating to this on the settings menu. Maybe it’s not necessary? Say, if the car door has to be opened forcibly to set alarm off? The manual only says you cancel the alarm basically by unlocking the doors!
Any ideas?

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Look at
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Our car (Excel) has the double locking system. If it's like other cars that I have owned with this system, the first locking action immobilises the car and locks the doors but leaves the internal alarm sensors off and doesn't activate the door deadlocks. The second locking action (within 5 secs of the first) sets the internal alarms and activates the deadlocks. This allows you to leave pets and grannies in the car with the doors locked without setting off the alarm.
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Be carefull about double locking as this - I think- stops you using the mechanical key to get in which on a car that may have a dead 12v battery could be a problem if totally flat.
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Post by JonathanM »

The mechanical key still works with the car double locked.
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I picked u[p a new Yaris Cross Design last week - it was one of the questions I had on a list. I would only need it on a Ferry or the likes.
The salesman got a technician out - and tried the key - which appeared o do the job.
It is three presses of the lock button on the key.
First - standard lock
Second - double lock (can't open the doors from inside)
Third - deactivates the internal sensor.

I didn't double check it with someone inside , but there was a third tone form the car.

I asked the question as I didn't see it in the manual I had checked online.
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