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Hi all, I collected my new Yaris Cross Excel yesterday and I’m having a few problems finding my way around everything!
I’d like the speed to show in Digital format rather than dial but am failing miserably finding how to do it. I had a Corolla Hybrid previously and was able to change it on that one so assuming I can do the same on the Cross. Can it be changed? Any help greatly appreciated.

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You are not alone in finding this a problem. I have yet to find how to do it. I think the manual says to use the button sticking out of the dial but it hasn't worked for me. I'll have another try over the next couple of days.
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I’ve tried the button you refer to also but it just changes the Trip and ODO settings. It’s very frustrating, I’m beginning to think it can’t be changed. If I discover how to do it I’ll let you know.
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You need to use the button sticking out to move to the car settings options, then continue down this page to the next one, where you find a button for settings. Press and hold on the dial sticking out for two seconds, and you will be given another menu where you can select the type of format.
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I found a YouTube video that shows how but can’t remember now😱
I searched for ‘Yaris dashboard settings’ and found the YouTube video.
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