Back door and car seat: help!

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Post by Datyc »

Hi everyone. New here! Today I’ve bought my new (well 2022) Yaris cross and I am (wel was…) very excited!

Since buying I’ve read about the back doors and how access with car seats is horrendous because they don’t open fully.

I have a Doona pram which basically folds into a car seat and you life the whole thing in. I previously had an MG ZS and Vauxhall Astra where I had no issue at all getting it in and out (obviously had to be careful with hitting paintwork etc). But it fit.

I’m now worried this won’t fit in the Yaris cross. I really thought I was buying a decent sized car. I sat in the car for the test drive and I didn’t notice the door and I didn’t feel uncomfortable.

Any experience with these doors and car seats?

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Post by MikeR »

We haven't tried getting a baby seat Into the back - I'd imagine you might have to find the right angle to slide it In and then turn it into position. A bit awkward perhaps but probably not impossible.
Alternatively, could you put the baby seat on the front passenger seat and turn the airbag off?
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Post by Andy777 »

I fitted rear car seat in our Yaris cross for our 3 year old granddaughter and had no issues what so ever, we had a Toyota CHR before and that was harder regarding rear car seat.
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