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Post by PauloVerde »

Hi just purchased a Yaris Cross Premiere edition and as wondering if anyone has a dash cam fitted? Further if they had was it fitted by the dealer or a third party - any recommendations?

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Post by Gagarin »

Hello from Greece...
I bought the same car version.
I have bought the Viofo A119 V3 and in a few days I will receive the special cable for connection to the fuse box with the aim of parking mode..
The fuse box is behind of obd plug...
I read information here(https://yaris-cross.blogspot.com/2022/0 ... 19-v3.html) about the camera and I think it is value for money.
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I purchased a Nextbase dash cam from the dealer, who hard wired it in to my Yaris Cross. Works fine. I did buy a larger memory card though as I do long duration journeys from time to time. I don't use its parking mode.
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Yes I have a dashcam fitted. It was supplied and fitted by the UK dealership from which the vehicle was purchased.

You have made a wise choice with Viofo, a make that I have previous positive experience of. I have just fitted my old Viofo A129 replacing the dealership supplied Nextbase 380GWX. Some explanation for this is necessary:

On 3rd Feburary I decided to attempt to download videos to my mobile phone using the Nextbase Cam Viewer App. Well, what a palaver! Whatever I did it was impossible for a wi-fi connection to be maintained for a sufficient length of time to even commence downloading any video. Now, I have experienced a similar problem with a different Nextbase dashcam and their support team, if it is staffed with technicians, were of absolutely no help whatsoever.

Anyway, back to 3rd February. Immediately following the attempt to download the video(s) a necessary trip was taken and on this trip there was a set of circumstances I felt warranted a quick download to phone for safe keeping. I stopped on my route home to try, once again, downloading. Negative.....

Arriving at home I removed the SD card, by the way it is Nextbase branded, from the dashcam, connected it to my PC and looked for the file(s) containing the 'circumstances' mentioned above.

I discovered that there had been no recordings taken between leaving home and stopping on my way back, when video recording commenced.

Now, if this is all due to the software on the dashcam, and why should it not be, one has to assume that the dashcam, this individual dashcam, or the whole output from Nextbase, to be seriously faulty and consequently, certainly in my experience, warranting a massive vote of NO CONFIDENCE!

So, good luck with your Viofo. If TOYOTA read this then it may be a act of extreme wisdom to steer clear of Nextbase dashcams.

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Hi, sorry to hear of your Nextbase experience. Fortunately thus far my one has been fine. Perhaps just lucky.
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Post by Cuddles »

Have used Viofo for years and they work fine.
Just ordered my car and will fit the one I have.
I will be fitting it so it uses the power socket and only works when the car is on because of my low mileage and that battery problem for low mileage users.
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