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I ordered our car in February and are still wondering just when it will arrive - hopefully July or August.

Recently I was checking tyre options and find that there aren't any. The car comes with summer tyres regardless of when it arrives. But Toyota say that I should have winter tyres fitted for up to half of every year. There is no option of having all season tyres unless arranged with the dealer after delivery. I assume that means paying for a replacement set of tyres or even a complete set of wheels.

Given that the car comes with summer tyres do any fellow Yaris Cross drivers change tyres or even whole wheels every summer and winter or is using the summer tyres all year the best option even though it's a compromise?

Ultimately though why can't all season tyres be used in the UK or at least be a factory fitted option?

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I would think it will depend on your location in the UK. Winter tyres would probably be of benefit in Scotland and Northern England but not really worth it further South.
All-weather tyres should be a good compromise, but it would be advisable to notify your insurer of the change.
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Not that this is really going to be much help as this is what I was told buying the Yaris Cross here in Italy.... But I was told that Toyota wouldn't allow all climate tyres. No particular reason given (or one that I understood.) However, the offer a discount on getting a full set of winter tyres.
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