Washing my new car - some observations

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Post by JonathanM »

Well. We've had the Yaris Cross for a week now and because of the recent rain it got dirty so it needed a wash.

I have discovered that if I have the fob in my pocket, the doors lock and unlock whenever I washed the handles. In fact they unlocked once when I splashed a dollop of rinsing water on a handle. Obvious really but I won't keep the fob on me next time.

Rather a significant amount of dirt had collected on the lips of the black plastic door sills that are visible when the doors are opened which is a shame. Some cars are designed so that this area is kept free of accumulated dirt. There was also a little bit on the lip under the rear door so this has to be opened to clean that area.

It's quite a tall car after our Fiesta so reaching the middle of the roof was quite a stretch.

Anyway, it now looks pristine again until the next trip out in murky weather.

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Post by alun »

The rear black tailgate section just above the rear badge becomes very stained. It’s like a rain stain and will not come off with washing or polishing.. Seems a reaction on the plastic. Any tips on how to get rid of this please?
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Post by Gazza »

White vinegar and water will get the marks off
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