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Post by rutters »

Heard about people being stranded with a flat battery.

Could anyone recommend something to keep in the car as a portable jump-start device please?

FJB Yaris
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Since I ordered my Yaris Cross GR Sport, have been reading various reviews, and found the problem of car not starting with owners who use less. On YouTube found some interesting jump starting kits, one is a capacitor, which does not need to charge, just connected to your car terminal and it jump starts. I hope Toyota puts similar kit in every hybrid car it sells, it will save a lot to Toyota‘a name.
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Post by PhilS »

Yes, same goes for me. I've twice had a flat battery with the car not moving for 6 days. This was also in very cold weather, -8 at one point. Thought it might be down to using the heated seats. So now if I'm WFH for more days and doing short runs, I put the car on the trickle charge for the day. Since then no problem, also the weather is making an a tempt at being milder.
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Post by JonathanM »

We have just had a flat battery. See my post here viewtopic.php?f=11&t=432

As regards a portable power pack, the AA man said that the car hardly needs any power to jump start. It only needs enough to activate the starting trip and that's it. The big hybrid battery then takes over and in our case the car ran in 'idle' on the hybrid battery for 5 minutes before the engine kicked in.

I've just bought one of these which is a What Car best buy. I'll pick it up from Halfords shortly. ... 21880.html
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